About Mark


Age and Place of Birth:
Robbinsdale, Minnesota

Residency in Alaska:
1962-1970, 1973-present

Married: 25 years to  Mary (Johnson) Fish

Military Technician, UH 60 Helicopters, Alaska Army National Guard (retired 2003)
Staff Sergeant Alaska Army National Guard ( Inactive Retired Reserve 2003)

Anchorage School District 1963-1970
Thief River Falls Minnesota School District 1970-1973,
Anchorage School District (adult) 1977

Political and Civic Positions:

Chair Alaska Libertarian Party 2012-2013

Volunteer Coordinator Miller for US Senate 2010

Candidate for State House District 22 2008
Alaska State Commission on Human Rights 2007-2012

Citizens Advisory Commission on Federal Area’s 2007-present

Governor Palin’s Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Transition Team 2006

President of Airport Heights Community Council 2007

Volunteer Coordinator, Palin for Governor campaign 2006.
AHCC delegate to the Federation of Community Councils
Anchorage School District, Boundary Task Force. 2005

Candidate Anchorage Assembly 2003

Military and Professional Positions:
Manager fast food restaurant.
UH60 Helicopter Crew Chief
Non rated crew member Flight Instructor and Unit Trainer

UH60 Phase Maintenance Team Leader
Downed aircraft recovery team leader
Unit Technical Inspector.

Special Interests:

History with an emphasis in the American Colonial / Revolutionary era.

Researching, Designing, and Creating black powder firearms.
Installing, programming, maintaining, Linux operating system and other open source software.

Fishing, Biking,Shooting, Boating


4 thoughts on “About Mark”

  1. Mark, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR RUNNING AGAINST begich and sullivan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those 2 sound like 2 bullies on a political playground . If all you have to campaign about is the faults of your opponent, then you don’t have a leg to stand on. I SO APPRECIATE that your profile in the voter pamphlet didn’t include any mudslinging, because I’m tired of all that’s going on now in these ads on tv. Please let me know who in Fairbanks to contact to get one of your signs !!!!!
    Edna Johanson
    Fairbanks, Alaska

  2. Mark, I personally am disgusted with begich and sullivan, they have turned me off with their mudslinging. I usually vote republican but I just cannot get behind sullivan. My daughter and I were discussing you this weekend as a viable alternative to the other candidates and we wondered what your position is on legalizing marijuana, gay marriage, and abortion. I also wondered what, if anything, would you do about education for our youth in alaska.

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